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Getting Rid of Stains

Stain Removal Services
We use Red Stain Remover to remove Red Stains. No Heat Transfer Required during the process. Red Stain Remover is a unique blend of oxygenating and reducing detergents that quickly removes Kool Aid®, Red Wine, Cranberry, Grape Juice and Mercurochrome® from synthetic carpet without using a heat transfer process.

A two part system designed and tested to remove red stains instantly, RSR is a reactive process that uses the power of oxygen to remove red stains. When we use RSR on sticky red stains we first clean the stain to remove the sugars then apply RSR. Old stains may require more than one application of RSR to completely remove the red dye. Rinsing with cold water after the stain has been removed stops the reaction and prevents possible fiber dye loss.

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